A food question for those in the UK

One of my granddaughters gets meat in bulk from a butcher . My daughter sent me this.

Worth it or not?


definitely worth it - that’s a lot of food


Yep well worth it in my opinion. I’m on my own and it can be tricky shopping for one.


whoa, I would love that deal…pork is inexpensive though right now compared to chicken or beef.

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That is a very good deal fm

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For those in the UK?

What about if I live in an anonymous country?

I think this sounds like a super deal.

As long as the food is viable in terms of lasting that long in the freezer.

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You can price match the costs with tesoc quite easily.

5x pork chops - roughly £5
5x lamb chops- £5
4x chicken breasts- £4
5x gammon - £4-5
1kg bacon- £10
1kg sausag- £7.50
4x sir loin- £15-20

You save roughly -£15-20, maybe £25 if i got my estimates wrong.

Those bacon and sausage are processed meats and are extremely unhealthy though.


Steaks are usually £5 average.

Overall that’s a really good deal if you have the freezer space for it.

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