A Fifty Two Year Goat Gets A Hood

Shoot, You Would Have Thought I Followed A Voice Or The Money. Shock and Awe!

Were there any children in those hospitals? Only By Design Certainly.

A Nice Slow Roasted Baby In Carriage … Now That Costs MONEY!

Who’s Tithing and fore What, Who, How, and Why?

Whats on first base? No, Who’s Paying? Oh ■■■■ We’ll Never Get Out Of The Ball Park With A Dick On Tap!

What’s up dude??

According to Christopher Hitchens, The Numinous. He died of vestigial censer. With My Reputation, I Shall Not Attribute.I attempt to bait baby divinity breath. Not like I want to ■■■■ em. Just so we are clear. You Live, You Die.

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