A few thoughts about art and nature

good afternoon. I enjoy the natural world and art work associated with cities. anyone else interested? i am trying to be upbeat on a day i would rather not be having. i write poetry, prose and love to use pastilles. i hope to write in a style comparing art to the natural environment. art used to be about painting nature, brim with natures good looks. the colors i have seen and the designs and images are on city streets and buildings. i hope your day is hopeful. sara


Welcome to the forum @Stanley :cherry_blossom:

Welcome to the forum, Stanley. I’m always struck by the beauty of the lights in the city at night. A person could do hundreds of paintings of that.


what do you think about when you see the street lights reflected on the highway when it rains? I would like to know. thank you in advance for any comment on this subject.

thank you for welcoming me to the forum…more to arrive soon. I like writing poetry, short narrative fiction and about what, NATRUE. have a good day. stay well.

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It reminds me of miami vice the 80s tv show. So I suppose it reminds me of Miami (even though I’ve never been there)

I think about how beautiful it is. I often wish I could paint, so I could paint a picture of what I see.

campers usto have fish scales on the side as art work, many of old restaurants hang old tins and antiques on the walls you in to art? what kind stanley

I am in no way a student of art. When I go to a museum I go from painting to painting just getting first impressions of them. I enjoy that.

how often do you go to a museum? I have been to several. what is your favorite painting? stanley

I use oil pastilles. I like the colorful ideas I have. what do you like? what do you see?

rain looks like the static screen on a t.v. not on a channel…

yes, I agree. rain on city streets illumes the rain when the lights shine. stanley

hi Jukebox, I remember you so well when I was marritha. I changed my name for no good reason except I could not access the site. stanley

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Hi Stanley, welcome to our forum. Look at this beautiful place I visited its called Box Hill in England:

hi Butterfly…good spot. when did you go to England? I was there in 1971. Stanley.

When I was much younger I thought cities were ugly, but now I can see the beauty in them, especially at night, when the buildings are lit up with countless lights. I still like the beauty in nature, but now I know it is not the only place where there is beauty.

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Welcome to the community!

I’m a photographer who likes photographing rural decay. I do also enjoy the geometry and repeating patterns found in cities, I’m just paranoid about photographing in them because of crime.

good you like photography. I have worked in a dark room at the OSU journalism lab. yes, I agree there are patterns found in cities. windows, doors, spires. have a good day, Stanley.

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