A few thoughts about apathy

I have an hypothesis about the apathy of schizophrenia. The feeling is of not wanting to try, to make an effort–this is what I am sometimes incapable of doing. The result of not trying is that it seems like there is nothing to do.
I think people should understand that apathy like this is distressing.
The disease involves the centers for making efforts.


I agree with you. Many others dont understand this as they didnt experience it.

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I am beginning to see more clearly what these negative symptoms are. They may be a major source of suffering. This evening I had a productive time and did not feel the apathy. I hope this is the start of my recovery. Sometimes when you see something well that is the first step to recovering from it.


Further to this discussion.
Do I have to try in order to overcome my apathy? I think I need to try a little but not in a big way. Big hard efforts do not seem to work.
I recognize that I develop momentum of doing things. Once I get a good start I can do activities for a few hours.
There will still be times with “nothing to do.”


I think because of schizophrenia and what I’ve been through, I have a greater amount of apathy than the regular person.

There is also emotional numbness that comes with schizophrenia, which is what I’ve read and experienced.

I’m not sure how to overcome it.

You can “fake it, until you make it”.
Maybe imagine concern, interest, or enthusiasm.

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To counteract apathy, remember saying “Just do it.”

I think depression helps a lot with making sz’s not want to do a lot too…once you find the right meds for you you can do anything you want…it’s just finding the right meds !!

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