A few days since I've been off meds

Like I said my GP has weaned me off with the advice of my pdoc. I feel ok. But it was easy to wean me off because I was on such a low dose anyway. She said she’s very hopeful. Well I hope she’s right. I know people have gone off meds and it’s not gone well. I took this risk because I’ve only had one episode and a long remission but if it comes back I’ll be right back on my meds and never go off them ever again.


I’ve been told my family needs to look out for symptoms however when I had my first episode my family had no idea even though I live under the same roof. They really don’t accept my illness so I’m on my own to look for symptoms. My GP said I’d need to drop her an email every month and she’d call me.

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Good luck! I hope this works for you.

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