A few are being neglected

Goggles, mjsue, firemonkey, chordy and sometimes mussel, daydreamer?

In this era when people are lovers of themselves, I find that “being significant and living an unselfish life that puts others ahead of self”(by Clancy Cross) is a better approach in a community.

Avoid using “I” and “me” in every sentences. And you will get more conversations rolling. :relieved:

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Don’t think they are at all… there’s always someone that answers…


I agree a little. Sometimes I find myself pondering a reply and then say, “I’ll come back later.” Sometimes I come back to it, sometimes I don’t which I admit is bad.

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We are not superhuman, so I understand that we at times are unable to make every reply.

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I am part of the we. I want all humans to be happy including me. But i understand for the good of the whole putting others first is a good practice but you need to have equal love for yourself also.