A fear of warmth

I was writing about a fear of love awhile back and now I’ve narrowed it down to a fear of warmth. Did you ever get mad at a dog’s hot breath against your leg? Or people’s body heat making you want to get away? I guess I’m just being a cold person who might melt. What’s the fix?

Maybe you should spend some time in the sun.

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Thanks for your concern. My computer was in the repair shop.

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Too much sunshine makes me equally sick. It really is a heat factor.

I like your use of metaphors

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I went through a phase where I would go open the door in the winter time + someone would have to go close it. I associate warmth with my mother + being shut up in the car with her ( for protection) at which times she’d get out a stick of peppermint gum + give me half - which she never did at any other time. It was stiffling. Don’t ask me why I felt that way.

I’ve read that schizophrenics function better (fewer Symptoms) in very cool temps.

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