A fear of love

jambed into the need for success, we cannot love because of the tension created. Then we begin to fear love as we consider the tension to be a necessity. Tense people cannot enjoy love and are perception become warped into suspicion and aggression follows.

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I’m afraid of love because I fear I will have it and then it will be taken away from me because of my illness.

Ive only known love once in my life. It has never seemed to happen again. I long for someone to love. I am a man of obsessions and love is my favorite. Its so healthy.

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Chordy, I agree with what you’re saying. Especially where someone will allow the struggle for success to pervade their entire life. I believe a competitive success drive should largely be confined to recreational activities. Then I think it’s healthy.

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I never had love before and really feel I missed love which is a big part of life…tension is really hard with it to build love

It has been a long time since I have felt love.

Love is those little wildflowers that grow all around us, but many only have eyes for the roses.


Very true.

I think you have to be a bit open and willing to love. If you always have to be a hard core, bad ass, you will see love as weak and shun it.

I have one brother who brags about how strong he is and how successful he is and how he’s NOT emotionally weak. He’s emotionally hard core… like a soldier he says… He has been shunning love to the point that love is ready to take the kids, walk out the door and file for divorce with no forwarding address. She has enough money, that she doesn’t need his to raise the kids.

i want to give love,

i want to make sweet love with every one of you :hearts: haha (not in that way)


I think I’m just the opposite of a lot of these replies. I don’t fear love at all. In fact when there have been stressful times it is love that has broken the stress and tension, bringing a light into the darkness.
I also found when you give love (real compassion & caring, not sexual) it helps you feel better and helps the person or people you share that with.

I’m gonna say this: is it possible so many people have problems associated with SZ because they DON’T love or are afraid of it and avoid it?

“Love is the answer and you know that for sure
Love is a flower you got to let it grow” - John Lennon, Mind Games

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