A fear of dying

I think a fear of dying can get in the way of developing ourselves in this life. Most of us aren’t going to die for a heck of a long time, so why even think about it? It is counterproductive and mentally lazy.


I have a fear of dying and it’s consumed me since I was 16. It’s gotten less recently though.


I feared death before my sz because I had a life.
Now I would be happy to die because I have nothing to loose and I will be freed from suffering and my schizophrenia.

For me personally it’s just in my nature to give meaning to death. To me it is the opposite of being mentally lazy. It is giving purpose to a major thing in life, making sense of it. I don’t see anything counterproductive about that. Yes it is far away, perhaps, but perhaps not. And either way I’d rather create a personal belief of death in my own way than not have a belief on it and hence fear it. As much as possible anyways.


We all have it more or less. I am afraid of dying a violent death such as by drowning or car accident. I wish I could die peacefully in my sleep at 80.


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