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So what is it? I’m having to use my cell phone’s internet so it’s not coming up

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Being able to keep a beat easily

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I was in choir from elementary through college. We were required to keep beats. Maybe music can boost one’s intelligence? It’s a thought. Then again I can’t access the article.
@firemonkey. I gave your post a like because I can’t read the article because if I could’ve read the article I would have given your post a like.

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I was disappointed in the article because the IQ test did not include testing to see if you could keep a drum beat. It was just an ordinary written and timed IQ test.

Originally, , when I posted it , there was a link to https://www.concerthotels.com/got-rhythm
but that link has since been removed . I can’t see a link to any kind of IQ test in the article .

Sounds more like an ego reassurance article. I’ve read and viewed short pages and videos like this that claim people like me who do _________ may be geniuses.

It’s certainly not an ‘ego reassurance’ article for me. My ability to keep a beat is very variable.

I can’t keep a beat at all. I tried playing drums as a kid. Didn’t work out. That kind of stuff can be trained or improved, I think. Correlation does not imply causation?

My sense of rhythm isn’t good . The blog owner posts a lot of stuff about high IQ .

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