A Famous American Poet Keeps Emailing Me

He wants me to join his Linked In account.

This is for real, but I don’t know why or how he has gotten a hold of me. I’ve posted song lyrics on another forum…perhaps this is why?

I’m not sure what to do. Thoughts?

My schizophrenia is telling me not to join his account…I might start reading into things on a global scale again and get messed up.

I think you should obviously be careful. Like if you think it might trigger you then don’t join. But also don’t let schizophrenia run you. If it is paranoia stopping you and not genuine concern then definitely do it. But I don’t know how to tell the difference between paranoia and genuine concern. I don’t want to tell you the wrong thing here. I mean if you join you can always leave if things get too much. I dunno.


What do you have to gain by joining LinkedIn?

He might like your music and that might open doors for you

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