A dumb story

I had to go pick up my brother’s girlfriend from work one day, she hates me.

so i went inside and began my waiting to leave. But wait! Whats this? There was another girl in there with her.

I don’t remember all of the details but this girl at some point walked up and started giving me the googlies, she kind of gave me this creepy smile and started looking me up and down all of a sudden. I was disgusted.

I hardly had the chance to say hello to her, or even find out her name, or anything before this happened. Not that i even wanted to talk at all and find any of those things out.

So after kind of staring at her with absolutely no reaction due to the fact that she was nothing but a creepy drug dealer of a girl, the drug of sex that is, she became seriously pissed off at me. She was appalled that i didn’t just drop my tounge out of my mouth and begin to beg her, she was one of those you know.

So, somehow becoming offended by what i had done, even though she was just being a total creepy, her facial expression changed into disgust, anger, and hatred and she blurted out abusively “your stupid!”

So, then i became even more confused and put off. What the hell did she expect you know?! You can’t just walk up to just any guy and start throwing yourself around like that, sure some would just drop trow right then and there but im not one of those guys and i don’t want to be either.

To sum this story up ill say it plain and simple “dam! what a b*tch!”

girls don’t generally like to be ignored, if you do, be it at your own peril !
take care

I couldn’t help but ignore it, i felt like a wildebeast being hunted.

It was just creepy the look on her face.

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