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A dramatic break from reality or not


I would say many here have had a clear line between pre psychotic illness and development of psychotic illness.
However it’s hard for me to say that was ever true for me. No acute,as far I know,dramatic break from reality. More a sense of always having been somewhat off key from as far back as I can remember.

As I’ve described it in the past : Yet inside there is this perpetual nagging doubt;
the feeling we are possessed by a ‘‘subtle lack of togetherness’’.


I have noticed that when people are without many devices and much information, they wind up being very close or “togetherly” in nature as far as their communities go. Even very rough, barbaric types are this way.

But the more the find other things that interest them and support them, the more the rotate towards those things away from each other, and a whole cultural way of tradition is lost as most of these are unwritten but passed on through the ages by words and witnessed actions. In a way it is a kind of culture bleaching.

Statistically it has been shown that in the past few decades the 2 most common things that people used to do commonly in the USA and what they still do but not as much are visiting such as for dinners and picnics etc and going to church which is virtually the same as a place for social gathering.

Obviously someone has been distracted by alternate information.


But then what about the internet with social media including youtube, chat apps like Facebook and Twitter, texting, video and audio calling etc etc etc including archiving information.

All things being equal I would have to say that the world is looking in a super structure through their terminals now, and it appears they are less together, but in reality they are more together more thoroughly than ever.

What do you say?


You really have a way with words, Tim…

I used to have that feeling for months before the onset of my illness. But I couldn’t pinpoint its significance. I even saw a doctor, did blood tests (all I got was low vitamin D). I think students should be educated MUCH more about the dangers of mental illness and its foreshadowing signs.

(this is my first time using the word “foreshadowing” in a sentence, please correct me if I misused it).


I have to confess I find it hard to make out what you are trying to say.


Internet. Do you think that people are affected by the internet?


And does that explain the lack of togetherness?


I would say-Yes. It’s a very powerful medium.


I don’t think so,at least not completely, in my case as this goes way before the internet was invented. I would think though that the internet can have an effect on psychosis.
I’m thinking delusional thinking pre and post the advent of the internet.


What kind of effect do you suggest it has on psychosis?

Can you give an example?


Well it certainly might have changed the nature of some delusions. Increased paranoiac conspiracy theories.


I don’t like that writer because he’s writing either from a narrow coffee straw hole point of view which I doubt, or he is writing to intrigue for click rates on the site or the ads or whatnot. It’s okay though. I’m not going to say it can’t be done, but I would not.

He has valid points mixed in with completely illogical points which is the reason I suspect he’s narrow or just creating click bait.

To be honest though for me to go back through that article, and correct all of the fallacies, and rebrace it so that it is 100% factual with references and links would actually be a good piece of work. Knowing human kind that is out of the question. A little work is more like it, eh. Unless you just gotta be true. Then no amount of work is too much. It is just dues.

The world won’t ever know what is going on any more than they do now or have. They will be come experts at what is immediately at hand, and the rest is not viewed as applicable to them, or they have just never wound up where they could have learned more. This constant is something related to Zipf’s Law, and this relationship with this human awareness thing is constant I believe. It’s what I see in the patterns both past and present, and both individually over the years and in masse. 80% just won’t get there no matter how much of the truth is out there. The rest have to use logic and deductive reasoning through lots of experience to cut through the fallacies and muck before they get it, and they’ll get it because that is what they want, and that is what they have to have, or they will only get it at the low levels in the 20% of the population. If you are forced to get it, you’ll get it.

I have to assume that the past was full of delusions, cults, religions, superstitions, esoteric beliefs, pseudo science variations and all sorts of things with more variety than now.

I also have to assume that as addictive the internet terminals are people must be more unified than ever, eh? They may not be as together as they were, but I think that the together culture before was kind of what the internet is now so to speak.

I wound up being scz before the internet explosion. I believe that had I have been born 10 years later, I would not have been nearly as severely scz as I was years ago. In fact if it were not for internet, I would not be nearly as recovered as I am nor highly skilled in literacy nor as learned as I am. Internet is the poor man’s college, and it is far greater if you are a serious person because you don’t have pay for it, you can stay home, you don’t have to drive, pay gas, or buy books, you don’t have to be influenced by fallacy zombies at campuses both the studentry and the professing staff, and you can pick your own route through the materials and archives rather than being told what the learn which has no application to your life nor your income whatsoever. On the other hand if you have to take more useless classes, then corporations have there complicit armies, and colleges can make even more money.

School has become a racket in many ways which I wont’ get into. It’s based on the Prussian School System from a few hundred years ago, and it is meant to crush logic and creative inventiveness, so that the masses are just complicit and obedient which is why corporatacracy has risen as high as it has.

Anyway that is a whole other thing.

So here we are online. “Togetherness.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face::expressionless::no_mouth::zipper_mouth_face::hushed:


There is somewhat a lack of togetherness I agree but here we are trying to connect


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