A doubt about a shrink's methods

Maybe I failed my psychiatrist in his project of sneaking me into the mainstream. He expected me to lie by omission about my illness and jump hurdles too high for me. I couldn’t have lied my way thru life, and I knew it. Maybe the pressure from him partly motivated the suicidal drinking I did. It would’ve been the second time I attempted suicide due to him. Were his devious methods even remotely correct? As a (mostly) honest person, I doubt it. But overall, I just feel like he expected the impossible from a delicate guy like me. Was the failure mine or his? Any ideas?

For me it’s a two way street. I am honest and pretty up to date with treatments but I respect my shrinks advice and will listen to his ideas. It’s not easy for sure but once you find a decent shrink they are worth keeping hold of.

It’s a system under extreme stress for most. I get like 10 minutes to see mine every 6 weeks. It’s almost impossible to get in touch if your stressing out or having an episode but I’m like everyone else in that boat.

Not all shrinks are good. Not all patients are bad…treatment is something you really need to have some input with! It’s not easy. I can relate that they expect a lot …or they did…took me a while to get onto a pension and just admit to myself that work is too stressful for me.


I left this guy behind me last summer. He indeed had been dishonest with me re: long-term side effects of my medication. He only later on informed me of the possible arrhythmia problems risk. When I was in the hospital with prolonged q-t (heart trouble), he should’ve told me (!!!) for sure that it was from the Orap. He did not. I only know now after he’s out of the picture.

Thanks for responding.

You didn’t get the little info sheet in the bag with your pills from the pharmacy? You didn’t Google the med yourself?

Also I stopped taking the Orap out of the very fear that the drug had landed me in the hospital for my heart.

Hello: my shrink led me to believe that the alcohol was to blame. With every med I was on, this person told me NOT to research the side effects.

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