A Doorway or Portal

While I was working yesterday and under a lot of stress, the wiring from the bicycle rack turned into a portal that I stepped through. I didn’t feel any different, but the voices told me otherwise. It confused me, because I’m just now starting to hallucinate and see and hear things. Has anyone else dealt with this portal nonsense before? Should I do what the voices say and go through it to satisfy them briefly, or just not care about them. I’m very confused. Yes I’m taking my meds properly.

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Definitely tell your doc what’s going on. I recommend you never do what the voices tell you to do. It’s not safe to trust them.


Don’t just blindly follow what the voices say. Use use your own judgement on how to do things and try not to attach to much meaning to the voices.
You might want to discuss what’s been going on with your psychiatrist, especially if the voices are new or if things have changed significantly for you in regards to your symptoms.


I’ll do that. They have weird suggestions sometimes, like not opening a door because it’s on fire when clearly it’s not.


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