A dogs life

Well, everybody knows that when your flying in an airplane through different time zones that you can actually lose a whole day. But what about a dog? If you take into account dog years, then the poor dog doesn’t lose just a day, he loses like two weeks.

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Just convert his birthday to the timezone you’re in.

Used to see a psychologist who basically compared my life to a dog’s, I see now that it was his bizarre way of trying to motivate me, he also compared me once to someone he called goldfish man from his residency at a VA hospital though. And, that’s it, story can’t go any further,

I see how it is. You give me a taste of the good stuff, then you quickly take it all away. Meanwhile you want some sort of over-the-top payment for telling me the rest of the story. So you know what? Here! Take all my money. And my watch. And my car. You can even take my wife.

Oh my.

No seriously, no can do.

It’s ok, I don’t have a wife.

Or a watch.

Oh well, that leaves the car and I already have one, so.

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