A doctor is just a rich beggar with a little seduction thrown in

Rant, rant, rant. They got me. Don’t know when and I’m just stating why.

The doctor got you how?

Kept me coming back for two years and finally decided I didn’t need him, and added that he thought I was just out to spend my father’s money. He really thought I was a terrible person. He warped my mind. A friend once asked me, “pretzel, where is your MIND?” The doctor had trashed it.

Man, my doctor visits sure aren’t anything like yours. The last time I got a finger shoved somewhere awkward it wasn’t the LEAST bit seductive.

:point_right: :flushed:

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That’s horrible man… Did u get a new doctor?
Sucks that medical professionals would act like that …

No. I didn’t have any doctor. I didn’t trust them after him. A couple of years later, I did get sick and was in a state hospital for 2 months.

So your real name is actually Pretzel, lol?

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More like a rich bugger with a little power.

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