A doc’s thoughts about my case

I talked to a very experienced psychiatrist who’s a forensic psychiatrist in a local state mental hospital few days ago

We talked about my case, psychosis in general etc

I have ASD (autism spectrum disorder).
He first said that my case could be either sz or asd related psychosis but then said it’s unlikely to be schizophrenia since my delusions weren’t bizarre and I don’t have any kind of hallucinations.

My delusions were (according to him) persecutory and somatic.

He also said that my fear of choking on food is a psychotic symptom which I disagree with because it’s more of a phobia/anxiety although it’s been going on for 1,5 years and I live off these supplement drinks


Did the doc precribed you a change of meds then?

he wanted to discontinue the abilify injection and increase cloz

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