A discussion about Addiction

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I would like first to break down and redefine the word addiction. I think it is a highly capitalistic and
marketable word; full of human resources and capital that I see in
society, becoming the standard of “normal” relations. We all want
to be loved and to love. Chemicals have become the avenue of
achieving this. Be it a cup of caffeine in the office with a good
helping of sugar to make the “medicine go down”, a cigarette at
break with coughing “fits”, or a drink after work with the Boys
or Girls to “loosen up”, taking a bong hit, dropping some acid,
eating a magic mushroom, doing ayuahasca in the jungle, taking your
script to the pharmacy and using a pill minder to be emotionally,
mentally, or socially acceptable. By using these chemicals in these
ways we Advertising our Willingness and Making an Effort to Fit In.

Chemical use is not only a part of
society, it is an ancient practice of humanity. Sometimes used to
actually cure illnesses or disorders, but most often (especially in
modern society) to affect consciousness and increase either our
personal profit margin or marketability.

By becoming dependent on a chemical, we
“add diction” to our social OR anti-social vocabulary. Over time
the Dosages inevitably go up or new chemicals are tried, in the
hopeless race to fit in a social group, a company, or a society.
Little regard is given to whether that social group, company, or
society is worthy of your efforts – to fit in perfectly and
“achieve” is the goal? They did not originally accept you as you
came into the scene, but made every effort to mold you into something
useful for its purposes and by doing so, probably harmed you.
Guidance is required in life and good friends and family are often
hard to find, more often than not they have been harmed too and pass
it along. So long chains of causality (some times called ‘Karma’)
extend through our relations and affect and effect, in this world.

In effect what is going on is suicide.
We are not happy how we are, where we are what we are… so we
chemically alter ourselves, incarcerate ourselves, or inebriate
ourselves. I don’t care how little you practice it, or how rewarding
it is, it is essentially offing your natural experience and present
state in the flesh and pining for death (heaven or hell) and release.
Totally understandable. Stick around instead and share your insight
and wisdom with us until time calls for you. Everyone is going to
die, don’t rush it, trust it. It’s hard but that is primarily why we
came here.

Chemical use has side effect. Some side
effects simply mean you are not who woke up as, your not as you
truly were prior to the chemical interruption, or the side effects
can be much worse (and often are the longer you use them) including
death or maiming. Side effects are rarely talked about or researched
prior to the use of the chemical. Most people don’t realize them
until they are well along in the use. No doctor that wants you to
take the pill, nor dealer on the street corner, or shaman in the
forest (if they even know) are going to list for you all the bad ■■■■
a chemical can do to you if they really want your money and business.
Once again its all about business in these days and markets, and
“fitting in”. .

Some drugs fall out of fashion or are
replaced with more effective compounds. Effective meaning they have a
greater effect on consciousness than the previous drugs, typically.
Once again some chemicals are useful, they wouldn’t be on this planet
if they weren’t. But once you add in the mix marketing and profit
margins, and of course the will to alter your consciousness to fit in
– ■■■■ can become a staple. At one time cigarettes were
considered healthy and doctors recommended them on TV; which brands
were the best, etc. Now, “bad people smoke.” How ■■■■■■■ fickle
is the profit pickle, either for a state or corporation! If you
think that people in lab coats are immune to social pressure and
market forces in a capitalist society, perhaps it is the drug you are
currently on, or the effective marketing scheme leading you to
believe that, or simply your desire to “fit in”.

Fit into what exactly?

It’s not true that most poor people do drinking, smoking and drugs, in fact, most affluent people are the heaviest drinkers.

I think it is attributed to stress, and if this means capitalist dreams coming true, then we do pay the price with our addictions.

Moved to Unusual Beliefs.

(Wearing moderator hat)

I wait for the day when that hat is worn by everyone.

I never said that only poor people drink, you are reading into what I wrote and I did not limit the topic of addiction to chemicals (or anything really) that are “illlegal” or illicit.

I know that lister, sorry if I came off like that, but many people assume that only the degraded people use substances. I just wanted to set the record straight.