A difficult time in the womb

Mother’s intestines were noisy. I hated it.

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I mostly slept.

My Dad always wanted me to sleep through everything. I didn’t like that, either.

You should see the neighbors I have now. You’ll end up counting your blessings.

My parents were worried I was going to be stillborn because I hadn’t moved in a week.
The doctor did some examinations and told them I was just sleeping.


@velociraptor , Maybe you don’t know that I am very aware that I am in a good home and general situation now. I was such a suppressed kid and all that suppression is bubbling up now and seeks expression. In fact, I’m a little obsessed with telling it all. If I were still miserable, my misery would only be a mystery of unhappiness not having a friend and not knowing whom to trust. That is not the case now.

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