A Demon has Possessed my Mom

I’m convinced of it now. A demon has possessed my mom. They always come after me! WHY ME?!?! One has been following me for several days now and has been under my bed shaking my bed to keep me from sleeping. And now they have my mom. And I’m scared :frowning:

Time for a medication update…!!!u will get well soon dude…!!!

I’m switching meds now anyway. That won’t help though. The won’t go away this time, I know it. If they got my mom they’re serious this time. She’s watching me constantly and I can hear her thoughts!

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You’ve had this feeling since your med change. You need to feed this back to your doctor. Maybe the med change isn’t working out.

Arrange A pdoc meet as soon as possible…wish u all the best…!!!

Use salt…keeps the watchers away…and their much worse than demons…

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No… I just have to wait until they increase my meds in 12 days… But even then it will only be 5mg of Abilify and I’m not confident that will help anything… They never should have taken me off of Invega. I was taking 12mg and now I’m on 6mg and next week I’ll be on 3mg… This is terrible!!!

Ah. The sooner you get to 10mg of abilify the better. 10mg is where it acts as an antipsychotic.

Below 6mg is below the therapeutic dose of invega (I think).

If you’re on 5mg of abilify and also on less than 6mg invega, that could be a tricky situation. I’d express your concern to your doctor.

You know of the watchers too? How so? I have yet to know of someone who has mentioned the watchers except for in the book communion, and my own experiences. What do you know about them?

Everything I wrote in response would be deemed fueling of delusions…you know its best we don’t talk on them…they would know and come visit…I don’t think my brain can handle much more of them taking me and showing me things…these bodies don’t handle that type of use well…

What are you talking about? Who are they?

it is just a delusion, let them be and hope they don’t trigger each other