A deer faked me out driving today

It was hiding behind a curve it gave a start like it was going to go directly in front of me and I swerved and then the deer stayed back he/she made me look like a fool but that isn’t hard. At least no owl this time that was a goddamned bloodbath I had nightmares last night interspersed with sex dreams about my first love Rachel

Somewhere out there is a “Bambie” thanking you…

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Bambie was cute but she was no Rachel if you know what I mean and if you do I’d like to know how

Glad you didn’t hit the deer​:deer::deer:good job

Wow first the owl now the deer …
You attract all these animals!

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I know, right? What’s next a moose

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In an alien book I read some aliens present themelves it the guise of an animal that seems to stand out…

I think I’m treading trouble waters here. But that’s what came to my mind. And who’s to say?

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I’ll tell you that deer definitely stood out, it was strange

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I had a deer run into me. Left a big dent in the rear door. Weird

Venison sandwich, yum. Maybe your aim will be better next time.

After a decade of living on an acreage I came to hate deer. Oversized vermin that destroy everything. Their one positive attribute is that they taste good with a sharp sauce.

Tennessee I know has a law you’re allowed to eat roadkill.

Isn’t eating at McDonald’s pretty much the same thing?


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Yeah, actually the meat at Mc Donald’s Has been dead longer.

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Now I want a McD’s burger

It,s It,s Tennessee, it’s mandatory to eat roadkill It’s in their state constitution

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