A decline in diagnosis of schizophrenia?

An article about the possible decline in schizophrenia diagnosis or the use of other terms such as voice hearers etc.


Schizophernia is a spectrum disorder but is also likely a multitude of different disorders that come under the same umbrella term. In the future there will be better delineation of diagnosis.

Medical labels are only useful in two contexts. As a short hand to communicate important information, commonly between clinicians. To meet criteria for funding/support/medical assistance.

Schizophernia is very heterogeneous. This is true of the differential response people get to treatment and how symptom manifest. For example as it’s a mental phenomenon no two people hear the samething or see the same thing. We all have unique brains


That is so incredibly lame.

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Agree and also disagree.

While yes, symptoms vary by type, content, and degree of severity amongst those with the condition, there are also a ton of commonalities and overlap in the actual themes of delusions and types of auditory/visual hallucinations, etc.

For example: religiosity/spiritualism/mysticism, grandiosity, persecutory/threatening, etc.