A day of getting things done!

So far today, I picked up my prescription, played with my dog twice, went to walmart, and made dinner. I’m exhausted! I don’t know how regular people manage to do triple that in just the morning! I don’t care though I am feeling really happy with myself!


Good for you in getting so much done.

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I did not waste the day completely - I went to get gas for my car, walked the dog 2x - did some exercises for a short while

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I’ve done sweet fanny Adams today except play music. The house is a tipbut I had a bath and shaved my bits pits and legs so I’m happy with that bit.

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I didn’t do much today drank coffee worked on my framework of knowledge. Tried to get into programming on the raspberry pi. Went to my bros. Sat around otherwise. Substantial progress on the framework of knowledge.

I went out with my peer specialist this morning and slept a bit. Not much else except needlessly argue on the forum. The good thing is that very early this morning I started programming again. Starting is always the hardest part, once I get going it’s much easier.