A Day in the Life. Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire

Just got back from unsuccessfully shopping for a pillow for my bed. I figured I would kill a few birds with one stone so I set out for a local department store but first I stopped at my pharmacy 5 minutes away to pick up meds but I discovered that I should have picked it up a week ago and now it it won’t help. Then I headed up the expressway to the store and I brought two gift cards I’ve had for ages. One was a Walmart gift card and the other was for a Mexican restaurant that was about 4 stores down from the store.

I figured I would do my shopping for the pillow and then stop and pick up some food to go because I thought I had $7 left on the restaurant card. Well, it didn’t go as planned. The department store didn’t sell pillows individually, only in packs of two and I only need one. On my way out I saw a display with dress socks and since my only pair has a hole in the toe of one of them I figured I would pick up a pack of three. But I looked at the line at the registers and it was so long that I said screw-it and just left.

Next I went to Walmart but their lines were terrible too. So I walked out. And when I went to the Mexican restaurant the cashier ran my card through their computer and he told me there was no balance on it. To cap a perfectly unsuccessful day I stopped at a gas station to use their restroom and the attendant told me the toilet was broken.

Now if my roommate goes crazy and beats me up and I run out of soda, and the washer and dryer are being used by a neighbor all night, I will be batting a 1.000 for the day.


Lol. I can barely force myself to go to walmart. Gave up yarn for food. You had an adventure.


My advice: go upstairs, have a smoke, wait for someone to speak then go into a dream! :crazy_face:


Aw it is the small things in life that matter as the old saying goes.

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I am originally from Blackburn Lancashire

You get two cool points then. The Beatles immortalized your city on the Sgt. Pepper album.

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Mate. That world will throw you some pretty darned nasty curveballs sometimes. Not much you can do about them but swing and hope. You hit it and well done…a base hit or out of the ballpark but meanwhile if you strike out it’s never any fun!

All’s I can say is I’m proud of the way you swing the bat. I don’t watch much baseball as I find it boring but mate…I’d turn up to see you swing that bat anyday!

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