A day in bed

Not nice Nomad, lead by example maybe?

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@Bee3 (corrected) You just feel bad for Daze. You’re not helping her by supporting her crap.

Where did I support anything? I flagged the offensive posts just like I flagged yours. Can’t we all just get along?

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BEAST @nomad :punch:

I love you both. :hugging:

I love @samp for being able to dance through the drama with grace! He is so classy!


Taken @Nomad

guilty as charged

ugh your games. speaking poetically and such.

I’m going to leave you alone now.

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:slight_smile: hope you don’t stay mad long @Nomad

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someone is speaking poetically, eh? :sunglasses:

interesting… :wink: :dark_sunglasses:

poetry is the language of love. :heart: :cold_sweat:

Thanks everyone, I love you so much for trying to be helpful and say kind things to me and each other when we need it.
I just put myself in a situation where I had this intrusive thought “you are worthless ■■■■ ever” ( saying it like a voice) and I went crazy. I was completely different person when I took almost all pack of benzos.
I know it has to get better. I’ll keep trying, and hope someone’s gonna say “she kept trying and for that, she was loved and worthy”.

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Yeah. The hospital. I don’t want to end up there ever again.
Thanks @crimby

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