A damaged woman just like me damaged

a damaged woman just like me damaged…the only one that might understand in the game of love

As Adam Ant once said : You can’t make rules about love.

I kind of wonder if I’ve ever really been with a woman who wasn’t damaged because mental illness or not they were just as crazy and just as sane as the other. I had a dream about my last real girlfriend last night and I never, never remember my dreams anymore. We were swimming with some friends who never existed when things got…frisky. I wish I’d been sane enough to keep a relationship going in my 20’s.

I don’t know. Maybe everyone’s damaged or maybe the damaged just seem to find each other.

Sounds like a good theme for something. Somebody. @onceapoet?

Yeah the damaged seem to find eachother. But the ones who rise above like those who compliment them. And what I mean by compliment is, people who seem to match and improve the other’s style of going through life or their personality or things like that. Damaged people like people who are just as bad as they are. My family used to say that would be the kind of person I would end up with. Someone just like me who I hate. Oh well. I don’t see anybody acting like me and the ones who do kinda ruin my life so I kinda get away from them.