A.d.d or sza symptom?

My psychiatrist has mentioned I must have been a bit “attention deficity” when younger. So I assumed she meant that I might have some symptoms of attention deficit disorder. But obviously they would never prescribe me meds for that since they are all basically amphetamines and that most likely wouldn’t mesh well with my sza disorder.
But I really really struggle to comprehend and understand what people are saying to me in common conversations. I just can’t follow much it much. I can’t help but focus on random other things like their facial movements as they speak or their eyes or something that doesn’t matter ay all, like an interesting looking carpet pattern or a chair in the corner of the room. It’s hard to focus on what they say when half my mind is fixated on a bloody random nice looking chair whilst they are telling me about something likely to be extremely important. It’s not like I’m not interested in them, I just can’t choose what to focus on.
But anyway, the only medium I can fully focus on and grasp is reading text form. Like books or subtitles on a movie.
Having read this, would your assumption of these things lean towards more a.d.d or some kind of sza symptom?

Sounds a bit more a.d.d. but I don’t have a.d.d. and my attention span /concentration/ focus / whatever has taken a nose dive lately. I’m too easily distracted. My mind just wanders off.

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