A cruel starry love song

I wished a million i love you’s
and wrote “love never dies”
on the seashell between
your life and mine

we danced like supernovas
under a sky that was full of stars
we were searching under the canopies
for our fallen halos

I was standing in the rain
screaming thunder like sophism
as the lightning burned my eyes
bending time for a new world
that was divined

that was just another dream
was it just a super-static screen
a bright blue beam
in a bright room of sleeping echos
that seraphim

she brightened through the shadows
and I wanted to release
the carnivore in my soul
that was hungry for more than
mental rehabilitation
and controlled breathing

he danced around me like a hyena
while theaters schemed thieving of dreams
Dr. slaughter said I was fine
as they cut off my legs and arms
to the tune of dubstep in a mental hospital

the dimensions like corners of the walls
started looking blurrier and blind
I may have to lose my mind
to prove to them that i was right

my madness was never kind
a selfish sort of carnival
Im spinning spinning spinning

because my madness made me feel immortal
as the trees split under the crack of the light
and my death was neared engineering
the apocalypse had a bitter taste
that the world had been fearing too sweet

my rage became the center of the storm
my rage becoming the eye of the hurricane
insane insane insane in my brain
insane insane insane in my brain

shoulda never left me to the storm

bodies no longer warm
cold to the touch, a black heart
the world is doomed
we’re falling apart…

A red star that burns so happy and so cruel
a deadened night
the scientists debate letting the girl live
for just one more night…

while secretly her soul holds
the scalpel and the knife
at the throat the imposters
who should hold her hostage
under an artificial blight
she’ll fight tooth and nail
until she gets that part right.

Set me free she cries
a white wolf
under a broken blue sky
howling at the incandescent moon
forever roaming this neon evanescence
trusting the invisible ghosts
at the shore of the eternal monsoon

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