A conversation about the devil


this topic has now been :lock:
no replies needed…step away people, nothing to see here !?!
take care from naughty sith :alien:

"bad sith, very bad sith !! ".


INSTABANNED sorry I’m gonna have to ask you to step away from the forum


“waiter, there’s a devil in my soup!”


I’ve been trying to work :rabbit: and :bug: and :squirrel: in to the conversation some how. Because the icons make me smile.

But I just don’t seem to have the knack.


devils and :rabbit: do not mix !!


I approve

I don’t consider myself quite one (maybe because there would be serious stigma attached) but The Church of Satan people are actually pretty rational.

I call myself an atheist and let others decide the rest. Don’t need no more drama in my life.


I’ve read a lot about LeVey… It cracks me up just how much money he used to donate to the San Francisco zoo and the local food banks in his area…


you gave me the secret :key: to :unlock: unlock the :door: to the sacred :blue_book: of icons !?!
i bow before thee mr. bond.
take care from dark :alien: and the recently turned ’ darth bunny ’ :rabbit:


@darksith the :alien: and the :rabbit: can live in peace!


I don’t know, the bunny in Donnie Darko was a little on the “dark side”


“the devil has use for idle hands”…heard that somewhere.


Philippians 4:8 is close


That wasn’t a bunny it was a man in a bunny suit, your logic is flawed.

All hail the :rabbit: of goodness.


The “man in the bunny suit” actually killed somebody in the movie. If the bunny was a man, the man was a manipulated dead being from the Fourth Dimension, who contacted Jake J as a living receiver from the future of the tangent dimension, giving commands to protect the artifact so the paradox of dimensions collapses, and restore the artifact to the Primary Universe. I can’t explain it and my logic is flawed as it’s the use of valid reasoning, but I’ll ask the March :rabbit: tonight about the devil and the :angry: :tophat: er. through the :eyes: :hourglass:at the :tea:party. I have 30 minutes from :clock530: Then onto the :princess: of :hearts: then :arrow_down_small: :rabbit2: :black_circle: under the :evergreen_tree:. That’s all I got for you @darksith