A Confusing Situation

I hated it in the past, now I’ve got acceptance: why do the same voices who hurt me and try to kill me help me so much at other times? He’s not going away. Aggression towards it doesn’t help. I have to learn to ignore, that’s why work would be good and why exercise is important. I’ve stopped going out for walks. I’m not too heavy but I am so out of shape walking too far throws my back out. The last walk I took, I got home and felt it was very beneficial! Cool weather has come I can get out again. It’s dawn in my part of the world and I slept 7 hours.


I don’t necessarily get confused. Its fun to theorize what is going on. Just look at it as a fun intellectual exercise. We all have freedom(free dome) to do that.

It’s a good idea to keep walking. I do the same and yes I also have to live with the voices. What has helped me is to not have long conversations with them.

Just went for a short walk.

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