A Computerized Method for Automatic Detection of Schizophrenia Using EEG

Among the considered classifiers, the ensemble bagged tree performed as the best classifier producing 93.21% correct classification rate for SZ, with an overall accuracy of 89.59% for IMF 2. These results indicate that EEG signals discriminate SZ patients from healthy control (HC) subjects efficiently and have the potential to become a tool for the psychiatrist to support the positive diagnosis of SZ.


Its good to diagnose sz early because that would have avoided my 2 suicide attempts.

Does diagnosis of sz mean the diagnosis of sz condition her / himself ,or the diagnosis of the final outcome of the impact of the schizophrenic factor on both of the higher mental processes and chemical background associated with it,which they represented in the person’s behavioral outputs of words and actions ?

We mean that,the classical diagnosis is to monitor the personal reactions that occur to the concept of linguistic expressions and movement behavior of the person and their acquisition of specific distinctive meaning as a result of falling under the influences of the schizophrenic factor

The main purpose is to monitor the change in the person’s reactions and compare between them with a case of someone else’s situation, even is he was among the audience

For example,
Monitoring changes in the behavior of a person sick with a hereditary disease such as diabetes ,or a person with viral disease such as flu
It does not mean monitoring the disease itself (pathogen) or the substance of the disease

Rather it means monitoring the change in the personal reactions of the person that arise as a result of the effect of the pathogen / substance of the disease on the biological system

Regard with SZ, the observed changes are taken as a signals confirm that the person (sample) has schizophrenia
Followed by taking first aid measures (what is known as medical intervention),which are not aimed at treating the monitoring changes as they seek to modify the chemical of the brain to restore a chemical balance that allows the continuation of biological life (keep it alive)

Briefly, there is no way available to diagnosis the sz condition (pathogen /disease substance ),but the only possible is to diagnosis the final result of the schizophrenic factor effectiveness on the human basic nature which represented in the personal reflex reactions

The schizophrenic factor ( sz pathogen) is the thing that you knowing it by term Hallucinations,which is a whole non-human psychological entity (s)

To say; we diagnosis the schizophrenia,it is unusual belief
It is right to say ;we diagnosis the symptoms of schizophrenia which represented in the personal behavioral responses outputs OR can be monitoring throughout the change that occur in the shape of the electrochemical pulse waves of the person’s brain

The diagnostic symptoms (positive,negative and cognitive …etc) whatever their description,cannot be used in any research aimed at finding their causes,BECAUSE

The linguistic expressions which describing the symptoms are the doctor’s impressions of the person’s reactions (sample) to something be unknown that affects the basic nature of the sample, and they are not a straightforward objective reading of the data basic nature of the influencing thing (pathogen), the linguistic description does not corresponding the data of the nature

There is already a lot of research happening related to genetics. What else can we do?

Sz fMRI data converted to musical sound

Don’t wary about any researches,they are inter a mazes with no exist !
Sooner or letter,all these researches will lead to prove the following facts
1-The absence of a defective gene for the sz or its symptoms
2-the absence of a genetic disease substance (protein ) causing the symptoms
3- the impossibility of explaining the mechanisms of creating mental / behavior symptoms of sz by any known casual factors
OR knowing a specific biochemistry of the sz ,or how it occurs without causing actual organic disease or without rooting from organic disease

Or even knowing why an improvement occurs after using the medical intervention but does not reach the state of recovery

The question
why is the human genes unable to create the sz condition existentially or the changes that precede and cause its mental,emotional and behavioral symptoms ?

Because we have enough information about the nature of sz’s nature,we can answer without error ,we say ;
Even if there is a theoretical hypothesis and scientific proof that ,the body’s functions create the self,the brain creates the mind and the gene creates the thoughts,feelings,behavior,keep the memories information and call back …etc and control all these functions from A to Z

In reality,all this irrelevant the nature of sz,and they are knowledge that does not lead to exploration the reality of sz nature
Because ,sz in itself is one of the developing forms of the living existence of psychological entity without having biological background (free self without biological body), but it is non human in nature ,has a thinker mind able to producing the thoughts,feelings and urge behavior ,and controls them from A to Z out side the human genetic system,

All this means that,the sz condition is not a disease or a symptoms of a disease,but in reality it is a non human psychological entity (s) that does not rooted from the human genetic material or function,it is just an Living Energy does everything related the psychological life

It is a difficult task for the current generations !