A Common Delusion Among Many

A common delusion I’ve heard about but never suffered from badly is that the world was made for them, that they are the only one who is real and the world will end when they die. People have had this delusion as far back in time as man goes. When I see beauty in people and I do often I know it can’t be true. I feel like I am of the least beautiful of everyone and that once I was the very best. I am a fallen star. Maybe it’s just my personality and I’m still beautiful inside. My physical appearance itself is not awful but I lack expression and my eyes are dull from apathy. I hate my eyes these days.

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Isn’t that what Elon Musk believes?

I haven’t had that one exactly, but in the midst of psychosis I have believed to be like a person that is at the center of attention, or in the middle of the storm if you will.

Yes it’s one I had… not a good one.

I think Elon Musk believes we’re most likely in a simulation, but a shared simulation that doesn’t end when any one person dies.

This delusion seems really egotistical, I’ve never had it and I have a hard time understanding it. I mean the world doesn’t pause when you sleep…


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