A combination which worked for me

I have had schizophrenia about 8 years, its characteristics are: 1. severe pain in my body, in my neck and mostly my head and eyes and burning eyelids, I have had many medications such as: thiotexine, chloropromazine, fluphenazine, perphenazine, serquel, clozapine and …
recently I went to a doctor and he prescribed me: 1. resperidone 2.depakine( sodium valporate and valproic acid) 3. trihexyphenidil
it worked for me but not completely, because I was a heavy smoker and my lungs was in a bad situation and i couldnt breathe smoothly I decided to quit smoking so i went on bupropion and here the magic happened, I dont know because of this combination or because of quitting smoking or both of it, before this i have quited smoking by bupropion, and was taken resperidone, but without such a well mood and straight thinking so i think that its because of this new combination.

dosage : resperidone(2mg), depakine(500mg), trihexyphenidil(2mg), bupropion( 2*100mg)

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That’s good that you stopped smoking. I also get aches from smoking cigarettes and it also makes me irritable. I want to quit so bad, but my insurance doesn’t cover smoking cessation because I’m too young. I’m 24.

sorry for that, I live in Iran and here meds are cheap, by 2 US dollars I buy 50 pills of bupropion 100mg, I dont know if sending meds to usa is legal or not, I think it’s illegal otherwise i could help you.

That’s ok. Thanks though.

I’m on Invega and it seems to be working for me. Most of the thoughts and hallucinations have seemed to disappear.

happy to hear that, hope invega works for you well, but meds not only should disappear your symptoms but makes you able to conduct approximately a normal lifestyle.