A clockwork orange

My medication, Clozaril seems to be working on my mind the same way the psychiatric treatment he received in a clockwork orange worked when it comes to Sex! Help!!

Is this side effect really doing this to me??

Is this happening to any other schizo on Clozaril besides me??

Clozaril totally destroyed my balance. I could barely stand and was seriously close to doing a nose dive into the carpet. That’s one drug that doesn’t work for me.

I have asked my doctor to take me off Clozaril because I have been on it for 14 years and I am worried about the long term side effects as it is such a strong drug. She says it is good for suicide ideation which I suffer from.
Is there an alternative to Clozaril?

Have you done any tests that show that Clozaril is having any long term negative side affects?