A classy joke for the masses

A man goes to New York to try to make it big in the music business,
He goes to a main street downtown where he knows all the music publishing businesses are and he walks into the first one he sees. He sees a secretary and tells her, “I’m a fantastic singer-songwriter and I need a job”.

She ushers him into a large office where a big music executive is sitting behind a desk with a grand piano in the corner. The man says, “I want to work for you, writing my own songs”.
The executive says, OK, show me what you got on that piano".
So the man sits down and he starts playing a sad song. Pretty soon the executive is crying and weeping.
The executive says through his tears, " My god, that was beautiful. What do you call it?"
The man says, “I call it " I broke both my grandmothers knees with a baseball bat while my neighbor sodomized my cat in the kitchen”. "

The executive pauses, then says, " Hmm, weird title but OK, play me another one.“
So the man starts playing a happy tune and soon the executive is chuckling and then rolling on the floor with laughter. He asks,“What do you call this one?'
The man says, " I call it, " My niece raped her brother while my friend crapped on the floor”.
The executive says, Great music, you’re hired but from now on, I will write the titles for your music”.

So the man starts working there and he churns out song after song which are all successful.
There’s a small diner right next door to the music house and one day the man is there having lunch with a co-worker. They’re in the middle of lunch and the man excuses himself to go use the restroom. He does his business and washes his hands but he forgets to zip up his pants so he walks out with everything showing. He’s going back to his table and a waitress glances at his crotch.

She looks and then she says, "Sir, do you know your flys undone and your di*cks hanging out?“
The man looks at her and cries out, " Know it!!?? I wrote it!!”

My roommate is wheezing on the couch next to me after I read this out loud to her.

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