A Childhood Sign Of High IQ

I was neither early or late. My father has said I taught myself to read at the age of 3.5 to 3.75 .
He has said I’d mention ‘Disney Walt’ which I could have only seen in the index to the 12 volume children’s encyclopaedia Britannica that my father had bought.

Fascinating. I learned to read at 4, and I read alot once I got the hang of it.
My parents had to check on me at night after I started school and got access to a library, because I’d be reading books when it was way past my bedtime.

I’ve always considered those with dyslexia to have a less developed brain, due to not getting the stimuli normal people get from reading. You learn so much from reading that can’t really be taught elsewhere, and I feel like they can’t possibly be as intelligent as they’d have been if they didn’t avoid reading (most dyslexics I know avoid reading at all costs because “it’s hard and I don’t really need it”)
I feel terrible for thinking that way, and it’s not that I feel like I’m better than them. I just feel like my brain had some opportunities theirs didn’t.

I’m dyslexic and have dyslexic friends. We all read a lot, we’ve just learned to work around it. I have dyslexic friendly fonts installed on my computers and eReaders.


I learned to talk quite late says my mom. And I have problems with this even now lol… But I learned to read quite easily, before my first school with just two or three lessons from my mom…

People with dyslexia can be highly intelligent. It’s interesting that the use of specific fonts can help the person with dyslexia or hamper them.

I found this.

This thread prompted me to ask my mom when I learned to read and she said I was five or six and had to be taught, haha.


The age I learned to read I don’t know but my handwriting is horrible and I avoid it as much as possible. I tried to improve it through calligraphy but couldn’t do it. Maybe I’m just lazy. I have a lazy eye and maybe a lazy hand. Idk.

My handwriting was so bad that at the age of 11/12 I had to have handwriting lessons with the teacher who taught the youngest class in the school.

It’s now crudely formed, but I think(could be wrong) legible. I’m a slow writer though. If I try to write more quickly it significantly deteriorates.

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I never was much of a reader but I did really well on IQ tests when I was young. I guess it’s a generalization.

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I find these sort of correlations stupid. My niece is a math genius in GATE and isn’t the best speller or reader but that’s because she needs practice. Her IQ is higher than mine and is probably in the genius level. She doesn’t study at all and gets perfect scores on her math test.

There are often exceptions to a rule. That doesn’t necessarily invalidate the rule .

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I had a high school level reading in middle score. I think 11th grade. I never tried. I did read a lot but I know there’s people on this forum that have claimed to read thousands of books. I don’t know. I was never in GATE. There were kids in my class that had college level reading ability in middle school and were either in gifted programs or were just lazy and were lucky.

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I was a great writer. Better than math. But I focused really hard in math and excelled. I had a teacher in junior college tell me I was a terrible writer because I got a D on a paper. Professors were pissed off at me for doing so crappy. I worked hard, did extra credit, and got an A in his class. It was hard because it was very abstract…lots of poetry. I figured I have Aspergers and struggled. It wasn’t logical.

One could have a long debate as to whether crystallised or fluid IQ is more important when it comes to estimating a person’s intelligence .

IQ won’t matter in the future.

I figure my IQ is average but I do have areas I excel in like everyone else.

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How have you arrived at that conclusion?

Technology trends and the news. Examples include neurolace/ neurolink. A device that will make native intelligence obsolete.

When neurolace has rendered native intelligence obsolete who will clean the toilets , and who will be a college professor?

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I think the way the world is heading cleaning toilets may be far more important than abstract thought. Imho.

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