A chess breakthrough

I had a problem using the website Chess.com.
When playing against the bot Wally I had trouble promoting my pawns.
I sent a message to Chess.com Tech Support asking them for help.
Their reply was quick, and although their reply didn’t tell me exactly what to do it was helpful in solving
the problem.
Now the problem is solved.
I am very happy.


I stopped playing at chess.com. Too many cheats and technical problems. I do use it for tactics though. Are you into chess problems?

How do you solved the problem ?

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@NotSeksoEmpirico they have upgraded the vs computer section in a huge way.
Now there are dozens of bots with varying skill levels to play against.

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@DetunedGuitar I can’t say 100 percent, but I think what solved the problem is that I changed my
language in the settings from Hebrew to English.


ok ! Cool.

To talk about myself, i’m a bad chessplayer.
I tried chess once on that website, I loved it but opponents are really good players.

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