A change in the routine bothers me

I think it’s all due to being mentally challenged.


I already tried to get rid of Tv and no longer stay the whole day in front of the computer. So I bought books and set up radio with speakers connected to my smartphone. The longest time I managed it was a whole day, and on the next day I already build everything back up again.

One thing that changed while I had another routine was, I was going for walks, taking more care about my hygiene, and also cooking on most of the days I did this change. But somehow I got back to Tv and Computer, maybe I am to used to it. And I thought things like others can do the Tv and Computer whenever they want, so I got back at it.

But my time with another routine was way better spend than with the media stuff, I just do not felt that good, because Tv is good having as a background noise for me.


We are creatures of habit. For me that is probably excessively so but some routine is good for the mentally ill. Often structure is missing from our lives so having some good habits is a great thing! I take the pills same time daily. I go to sleep same time and get up usually around the same time.

I don’t think it’s a totally bad thing @PinCushion !


It’s not a bad thing until somebody comes along and upsets the apple cart.



I’ve always been told us sz’s are very sensitive to schedule changes, especially last minute/without warning. It’s a normal reaction given our dx. :wink:


I own a T.V. and I subscribe to cable but get this, I never watch it. Never. So why I pay for it every month is anyone’s guess. It’s only basic cable with a Spanish language channel so it’s only $8 a month but still, why?

No wonder I couldn’t handle nursing in the military.

I almost never watch tv. When I do it goes in streaks. I seem to prefer the radio.

Completely normal people can get attached to a routine too… It’s a healthy habit

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I thrive off having a routine as long as its a good one. A change to it is fine as long as I can cope.

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