A change in my emotions

I’m noticing a change in my emotions since stopping Geodon. I feel a little more caring and sensitive and I dreamt about my previous pet Vanillo yesterday. He was my best pet :feet: :heartpulse:
Maybe I can finally adopt a puppy when I get back from vacation if I feel like I have emotional capacity.


maybe a black pug


or a golden retriever puppy


I think any pet you get you’ll have moments where you can’t fully appreciate them… especially later on…

I love gonzo… had him for 5 years. Still I really only feel that way for a collective 30 minutes a day. other than that I’m pushing him off the tables and trying to shhh him. or bitching because he has to look in the ffridge every ■■■■■■■ time i open it

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yeah but I adopted a tuxedo cat in February, she was the sweetest cat but I couldn’t care for her/ After one week, I took her back to the shelter. I feel like a robot but it’s what I’ve become.

Did it scare you that the effect of the cat wore off? (just wondering)

no but I played with her for 5 minutes that’s it. She wanted more attention and I had to bathe her, then she was hiding in the dining room and it made hair everywhere, she was very fluffy. Maybe if I let her in my bed I would get attached emotionally but I didn’t want any hair on my bed. She was a very shy but the sweetest cat I’ve seen. Very calm and cute.

They can be a hassle.

Gonzo leaves hair every where… Keeps me vacuuming

yeah I think a puppy would work. I can also have an excuse to go out twice a day. I just don’t know anything about training a dog. I have a friend though who used to train dogs but I know him online only, maybe he can help me or I can just register somewhere.

watch some dog whisperer its pretty simple

I can look at pictures of puppies all day :revolving_hearts:

is that TV show? It’s rare for me to watch TV but I can try.


I’m happy for you, it’s good that the med switch is working for you.
You should adopt a puppy, just remember that they grow and they’re your best friends for their entire life :smile:

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some things have significantly improved on Latuda, I just have to wait it out to see how it’s working.

Latuda Pros
My emotions
sleep without pills
stable mood

Latuda Cons
Increase in appetite


Dogs are great… but they are a lot of work, especially puppies. Much more you need to do with dogs than with cats. You have to feed them and entertain them like with cats, but you also have to walk them 2-3 times a day (or more like 10 times a day when they’re puppies), train them, socialize them with other people, children and other dogs, clean up after them when they throw up or have diarrhea, make sure they don’t eat bad things, etc.

I can’t take care of the dog my ex and I got together. Losing her will be very tough for me and I don’t know how I’m going to cope with it.

I’m sorry. why can’t you take care of her?

yeah I understand. if I just work from home, i can take care of the dog, I just need emotional capacity to care enough to be like a parent. I’ve never had a dog as an adult.

Cats are great, when I lived in a house in Atlanta I had three cats and then when I lived in my auto in America one black cat lived with me over one year, I left it to one university campus where other cats were and then I moved to Europe and when I lived in one house here I had a cat we got from one farm of our distant family members. Cats are great.


She’s just too much work for me. And there are a lot of dogs where I live so walking her is extremely stressful when I’m not mentally stable. She’s alpha so she likes to “bark back” at dogs that don’t respect her space or act aggressively (usually small dogs that haven’t been socialized or trained properly since they’re so small and cute and their owners don’t recognize aggressive dog behavior). This is fine, I don’t think she’s behaving badly, I just don’t deal well with it. And she’s protective of me which can also be stressful.

Lots of things to think about when you’re getting a dog… But if you can make it work it’s definitely worth it! Definitely.

maybe letting go is the best option for you at this point. Is there a way you can still visit your ex and see her though?

yeah once I feel stable, it might be the best decision. :revolving_hearts:

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