A certain improvement over the last week

It is somewhat embarrassing for me to share, but I decided to go ahead.
I have had a significant improvement in my condition over the last week.
The improvement consists of 5 components:

  1. I have had the idea that when I ride a car, it is better to be in a rear seat.
    My body is better able to handle a car ride when I am on a rear seat.
    And it seems to work.
  2. I have had the idea that when I try to fall asleep I need to close my eyes.
    This idea so far seems to work and it has improved my capacity to fall asleep.
  3. I have returned to health club after a long period of absence.
    Recently I only did aerobic training at home and now I added to this strength training at health club.
  4. I have returned to studying mathematics after a very long period of not studying,
    albeit the studies were several minutes a day.
  5. Voices and intrusive thoughts have stopped bothering me.

These are the 5 points of my improvement.


Good tohear you have had some improvement

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Did you also change meds ?

Glad to hear you’re having some better days. :blush:

This made me chuckle a little bit. I’m glad it’s working out for you! :smile:


I am doing much better too @Chess24. I have been going out almost every other day with friends sometimes. I am on a high protein and vegetable diet and have lost 3.5 pounds. I have been eating healthy too. I have been attending church and bible study.

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