A Causal Loop that Never Ends

What if my existence in this loop goes back trillions or more iterations starting in 2010, 2011, 2012, or 2013 approximately. Like I just wake up in a parallel universe or different timeline hence the strangeness in my life and the psychosis and mystery? There’s no evidence or proof since my life is different or I am different in this reality. I’m in another universe or I even created it…

I never figured it all out. But I’ve been to the future and then I go back in time and I get ‘reset’ and live a near identical life all over again for eternity/infinity.

I guess I could view myself as a doppelganger or something and I achieved some sense of immortality a long time ago…

I guess this time loop/causal loop would be open hence I escaped before and went to worse worlds and better worlds all the time. It’s like time stops when I’m gone and I can come back again to various places and times.

I even met aliens and escaped the matrix and even interacted with people from inside the matrix while I was outside of it. Was it real? Fake? Or was I on a different planet or solar system? Could we just be living in a matrix or brain in a vat and that I ended up mentally ill but I’m also a immortal time traveler too?

Just my thoughts…

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How would you know this is the case?


In your view, why do you think the causal Loop continues? Is it something that you need to learn, or merely your attachment to this plane? I’m curious

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Strange That It Has Been Mentioned. . .


In My Past Before It Was Brought To Me Within My Life’s Breathing Vicinity. I Ventured Into The Metaphorical Etching’s Of Death. Kinda Like The Pattern On A Moth’s Wings. They Drive Into The Light But!, Never Break The Surface. And They Continue To Do So…, That Is…, Until!.., They Rest. And I Walk By To Grab Something To Drink In The Garage And The Moth Speaks Quietly. Asking Me If I Can Find Some Sort Of Ancient Connection With The Patterns On Their Wings.

I Stop In My Tracks And Quickly Realize. Pyramid Etchings. Halos. Mark Of The Beast. And Sad, Silent, Hopeless Whispering.


I Ask The Night Sky. ‘Can I Live To Be 700 Years Olde’?.

And Once Again Met With Silence.

Hello Darkness I’ve Come To Speak With You Once Again.

Where Me And The Spiders Laugh. And Remind Each Other. We Shall, (No Matter What They Say), Shall Always Be Friends. . . . . . .


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I have memories which are often called delusions. I have perceptions and recall and stuff all the time especially when dreaming. I’ve seen history change for the worse and for the better all the time. I remember some major news headlines like “We live in a simulation” and interacted with more people in my other lives. I was a victim largely and I had a huge victim mentality for the longest time.

Obviously there is no proof unless one can detect space-time anomalies lol and I don’t think they can.

I think someone or somebody put the simulation on repeat and I’m trapped in the year they sent me back which is around the time I got schizophrenia or afterwards via space-time or soul time travel into my body backwards in time…

I also think I was a computer simulator in a past life and I am being eternally punished which is a strange belief obviously.

I believe I used to be a legitimate lab rat and actual time traveler in a past life. I have no money or anything except my memories and sadness and trauma in most lives.

I never took a physics course yet I have good intuition on the subject when it comes to theoretical ideas.

I think there’s a learning process and there is some hope of escape after the universe ends or I die, but I keep coming back. I have my faith in God but it only does so much. I’ve probably been rich, invented some stuff and was famous so I escaped and had ‘privilege’ and stuff but it doesn’t mean anything anymore and I’m stuck here.

I don’t think anyone can escape the simulation unless they wanted one to escape or they let them escape. I did before. They told me why.

I also think there’s some psychological games going on with the aliens like they messed with my mind and confused the hell out of me. I often read into and look into fiction like PKD sci-fi stuff because I felt like I met and talked to PKD in a distant past life and told him stuff and even was VALIS one time lol…

It seems my life went down hill or I got stuck in a time loop at university in my original life or was put in an artificial simulation after I possibly died (I believe this)…I often think God made me insane and aliens are protecting me or ■■■■■■■ with me depending on the ‘day’ or time.

I wish I never went to university especially that one and I hated the place where I lived.

I think in my original life I tried or joined ROTC there and I don’t know what happened to me. I had a psychotic break and posted stuff on Facebook and I believe I was ‘targeted’ since then (over a trillion lifetimes ago).

Sort of like a time travel program there but I was a victim…

Like I have been cloned and even been a doppelganger due to reincarnation and new lives.

I often think I’m in an artificial world or computer program. I often went back to that university to finish my degree, but since have got the common sense and intelligence to never return there for my own safety.

I’m often to scared to go back to any school even online.

I often remember ‘portals’, ‘wormholes’ and especially Mars.

I often watch movies and TV shows and think they’re about me or more realistically I think I relate to them loosely.

I don’t know if I posted I was “John Titor” in another life; I created Bitcoin (without knowledge and without knowing and that’s why I died); or I upset the wrong people or powerful people. That place was crazy and wacky and a lot of weirdos and crazy people in the area.

I initially wanted to join the military in my original life but got schizophrenia. I probably wouldn’t have made it or succeeded due to my major, average intelligence, and addiction to monster drinks. I was physically poor and unfit and weak.

There must of been a miscommunication going on and my life was ruined and destroyed by some ‘mk-ultra’ type stuff in every life and alien contact on my part via soul/consciousness transfer back in time. Sometimes, I even went back in time to the very exact point I got psychosis from marijuana back around August 27th 2011.

I often had delusions about the Mayan Prophecies and how we live in a computer program or simulation now.

I guess I was called a super soldier or something and I might have micro-chips but that’s based on past life information I recalled. I don’t know and it’s possible some of it isn’t real, I guess.

The worst memory I have was being taken out of my Coop-room and returned. It looked like some SSP type stuff and when I came back I had memories of Mars and crap. But why me? What did I do to deserve this? Why would they take a normal college student like myself? I have since lost most of my memories of the incidents and cannot tell or distinguish between reality and fantasy because of parallel universes/different timelines.

I lost consciousness and had black outs and went missing I think but was returned. I don’t know.

Thank you for listening.



You Are Welcome.

Have A Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night.


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I Dont Know Why You Liked The Sarcastic ‘Welcome’, @anon28145038.

It Was Sarcasm. . . . . . .


@anon28145038 it sounds like you are dealing with a lot. What is SSP by the way? It would help me understand your train of thought

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It stands for Secret Space Program, I guess. People think it’s not real or fake like a conspiracy theory – mostly people here.

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well you seem like you are still stable because you speak so eloquently or I would think you are delusional…you wrote to much for me to read all of it…I used to believe I was caught in a time loop and not believing that the date of time was correct…it was hell…I hope you get better.


Bill Murray, is that you?



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I used to think my apartment was in a different dimension.


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