A catholic priest looking for the one who will end wrong doing

He finds a man on the street looking up to him; blood covering his mouth as he just finishes killing his prey with a bite to the neck. He says says to the priest, “I am the Chosen One.”

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I think I actually attended confession once, I shudder to think. You know what? If being the chosen one had befallen you and you got you’re audience before god I’d like to think you’d rather than go along with such hate and dividing ignorance as humanity had already known enough of, reject the word and go renegade.

“You think you’ve seen a storm” Beats being slapped in the face but I had to cover all doorsteps. Parlaimant cigarettes and a holy relic later and you know what? Whatever was supposed to happen in western massachusettes of that world didn’t get to but I bear witness to the wierdness that did.

And it was weird. 10% of humanity and a world war that didn’t happen (it is) later and all we got is tormenting my every step in this world. Friends? I have to have some, they say they put peeps away just for talking. Just call me crazy and have done with it, please and thank you.

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