A cat question

I have two cats. An eight year old and a five month old. My eight year old does not like the kitten. She growls all the time and hisses. The kitten continues to try to be friends and play with her. Everyone says give it time. Is there anything I can do to help them become friends?

Slow introductions usually work best. But since they already know each other, you could take the older cat to the vet for some short term medication. Also, the pet stores sell sprays with happy calm pheromones that you could spray sround the house too

I bought a calming collar, doesn’t do anything. I bought the treats- she won’t eat them. Didn’t know they had a spray will look and try.

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Just ask someone who works at the pet store. I used to foster cats and used that a lot. It helped most of the cats, but not all

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Feliway is supposed to work that disperses a pheromone to calm cats.

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