A bully in college got his just desserts

we called him “butch”…he was this very handsome, very tough ex military dude in college…he wore wife beater t shirts and had rockabilly boots and hair…anyways…he was an alchoholic and would randomly punch his friends in the face, sometimes breaking their nose, just for the hell of it. always hated butch. He tried to fight me one time and I said,“you are going to kick my ass, butch, but you aren’t going to treat me like this.”…he backed off…I think he kind of thought that was cool…later in life he romanced Alison Moorer, the country singer and tried writing her music for her, ruining her career…she got a chance to go to Ireland and tour with Steve Earle, who promptly swooped her up…she left butch for Steve Earle and I could not be happier…he didn’t deserve her…I’m sure she didn’t like his drinking…they are still together, this happened in about 2002 or so.


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