A broken machine that by some miracle keeps running

Yeah interesting indeed

I think its probably different skillsets

Im doing a masters thesis in nuclear energy, specifically severe acciddent studies in sodium fast reactors

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It looks like a downward trend from your perspective. Not from mine. I have faith in your ability to figure this thing out.

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Anyone can fail. It’s what you do after it happens that matters.
I sold my company and for the next 3 years worked on my mental health and tried to get myself to a point where I could go to school for software engineering.

I upgraded my math skill from a grade 5 level to understanding precalculus. And even learned some Java and Javascript.
But I knew it was going to take me like 10 years at the pace I was going and I didn’t have the time nor enough passion to do that.

So I did the logical thing and moved on to something else. Wasn’t sure what yet but used an opportunity I knew about to get an operations manager job at a growing company.

Oh yeah I had a 4 month manic episode with some psychosis going on during that transition.

I ended up having to quit that position and burned a bridge with that contact.

Then I so dysfunctional and suicidal that I looked for the most basic jobs possible to make ends meet cuz I had also run out of money.

Fast forward 5 more months of struggle and I landed another good job as an account manager that I actually enjoy and am capable of doing.

Life can be verrrrrrrry up and down with unexpected stuff.

So just try and roll with the punches the best you can.

You can do it :muscle:

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