A brief history of the pirate king of San Francisco Bay

6th grade? 5th? Field trip.

Stage bus down to San Francisco. Early morning, sunny, freckled with clouds of the most delicate cotton. Got to sit and talk to my crush the whole way down, I think she likes me too.

We pull up to the port, and waiting for us was a historically accurate 1600s pirate ship. Full crew, captain greeting all of us one by one as we boarded.

One of the activities I went after was cartography. It was taught by the captain. He was so cool in his red jacket, long hair, silly hat. They taught it to us under deck, showing us charts and maps, having us plot a course.

Puked, oh man I puked. Right over the side of the ship, had to run to make it in time. Got a bucket and washed it all off because I felt super bad. After that fiasco I went back down and finished with the lessons.

Maybe he felt a little sorry for me, whatever the reason, I will always remember him taking me up to the wheel. I stood on box took control of the wheel with his permissions.

Crew called out a small sailboat to one direction, I turn the ship, right course, and play a little bit controlling this massive cool ship. I was sailing, and it was wonderful.

For however long, I felt like a pirate king, I ruled the bay with my crew. I was a good king for my time, we flourished with furious ambition.

That was a good day, and a good memory.




Why don’t you write books? You’re a really good writer.


I agree with @Loke !


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