A bother and a sorry sight

how have you coped with isolation from not only your friends and family but from yourself as well? lately I don’t bother to look in the mirror because my own image makes me sick.


Isolation is all in your head remember bro the mirror always lies it says curse for having pain vein in life we get up and do it again if change is what you need don’t look to others just find a place in your heart dream of the one that fell apart and pick a better one

At first when the voices weren’t painfull they kept me busy, after that I watch youtube all day and tried hobbies, building aireplan’s, playing games etc

I stood naked in front of the mirror yesterday and screamed I love you

I used to not like seeing myself in the mirror. I’m still not thrilled with my appearance, but I have learned to accept that it is what it is. I workout and diet and those are the best things I can do for myself. What I look like after that is something I need to accept

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