A book about the enigma of schizophrenia


I found this book really useful in solving things within me about my own experience of schizophrenia. You just cannot imagine how my social Interference with my family has changed to the better. For instance, the book talks in details about our social-anxiety and how we develop it as schizophrenics. Most of us had escaped families madness trying to create our own conflicts and living with them in a way that we feel comfortable with that, but it subconsciously develops a disorder.


What are some of the book’s advices for schizophrenics?


You can search on Google while Amazon is really a good place to buy from, yet this is my only book of schizophrenia that im reading now.

I don’t want to buy it. Just tell me the important parts.


I got a copy of this from the library before.

Perhaps I’ll try to find another copy soon.

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Looks very interesting! I’ll check into it


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