A Blank mind


This is what I had for several years on the higher dose of abilify.


I read a lot and learned to contemplate. I have had no inner monologue most of my life. I laugh when people say they are trying to stop theirs. It prevented me from meditation, ironically. And people say they could relax if they could just not think. Not true. For most of my life. But after thirty years I like to sit back and faze out. It really sucked for a long time and I got through it with my voices and my foolhardiness. A fool is easier to amuse than a truly intelligent person.

I had blank mind as a teenager. I’ve spoke of it before. That was until I took weed.it activated my mind. Then I took lsd and my mind permanently was not blank after tripping a lot on it. My diagnosis is ddnos. Nothing to see here imo. But it makes total sense!!! Thanks @Zwaynopolous

I traded blank mind for drug induced psychosis :roll_eyes:

I struggled for years with this issue after my psychotic break. I still do! It’s like my whole identity was stolen from me.

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